The annual investigators meeting is intended to catalyze collaboration among investigators from the Cancer Systems Biology Consortium (CSBC) and Physical Sciences – Oncology Network (PS-ON), as well as provide an opportunity to hear presentations on and discuss new data, resources and tools that are available to the community. Both the PS-ON and CSBC program are trans/inter-disciplinary programs that bring quantitative and computational sciences to cancer biology, with the PS-ON focused on the intersection of physical sciences and oncology and the CSBC focused on systems biology approaches to cancer.

The 2018 meeting was collaboratively planned by a steering committee comprising PS-ON investigators (David Odde and Jonathan Licht), CSBC investigators (Andrea Bild and Trey Ideker), a patient advocate (Carole Bass), Sage Bionetworks (Julie Bletz) and NCI Program Staff (Shannon Hughes, Nas Zahir, Elyse Gillen, and Erin Wetzel).

Given the large number of CSBC and PS-ON investigators, the planning committee and NCI Program Staff will select a few session talks from submitted abstracts. Please submit abstracts through Registration no later than May 31, and indicate whether you would like to be considered for a podium presentation. We will notify you by June 30 if you are selected to give a talk. Everyone who submits an abstract will have the option of giving a poster presentation.




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